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Meet the team at Behome Mallorca. Christine Poignie and her team will bring you their experience, efficiency and human quality, the keys that can open the door to your dream home.

Christine Poignie

Your experience and competence, combined with sensitivity and kindness gave us confidence and convinced us that you were the right person for the job.

Heidrun Weber, Bremen

BeHome Mallorca’s founder and CEO, Christine Poignie has put her own personal touch on the company. A firm believer that a house is much more than a mere product, she takes a holistic approach, combining professionalism and empathy in order to understand the vision of her clients and offer them homes adapted to their needs and dreams.


Salvador Pastor

He is the ultimate in terms of reliability and his word can be trusted without doubt.

M. & F., Buer

With a 35-year track record, Salvador Pastor has become one of the most respected home builders in Mallorca. Passionate about integrating architecture and nature, his buildings, whether they are a country house or a villa at the seafront, reflect local traditions through the use of high-quality materials in environment-friendly designs. The quality and sustainability of his projects have earned him numerous awards and certifications, including the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and the Environmental Management System certifications (ISO 14001) and the EC European Eco-Management Audit Scheme (ECMA).

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Urte Erlenkaemper

As the secretary of BeHome Mallorca, Urte Erlenkaemper will answer all of your questions kindly and professionally. There is always a smile on her face and she is always willing to help out!


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