Our Philosophy

At BeHome Mallorca we believe a home is a place where style, architecture and dreams meet. That’s why these three pillars constitute the solid foundations of all our building projects.

Beautiful dream villas in Majorca

Beauty inside, beauty outside

Houses are not isolated but a bridge between people, culture and nature. That’s why we craft homes that embrace our clients’ dreams, are inspired by the traditional architecture of the region and capture the luminescence of the Mediterranean skies. We don’t build houses, but homes that grow from the inside and bring together carefully crafted furnishings, elegant but sober architecture and the tranquil feel of south east Mallorca.


Tradition embraces modernity

Our houses bring together the legacy of Mediterranean heritage with contemporary comfort and efficiency standards. We use carefully chosen materials typical of south east Mallorca, from Arab-style ceramic roof tiles to earthy toned stone walls, and give them form to reap the benefits of modern appliances such as central heating, air conditioning, or full-equipped kitchens. Our purpose is to create a peaceful haven on the Mediterranean coast where you can enjoy tranquility without missing the comfort of a city home.


Our clients’ dreams

We believe that houses are not just about architecture, but also about fulfilled dreams and expectations. That’s why we take time to understand the priorities and constraints of each of our clients and invite them to take part in the process right from the start, to tell us about their vision and desires, so we can translate any project to their needs and dreams. We take charge of the most time-consuming but necessary obligations and while keeping them informed, letting them enjoy the planning stages, as well as watching the project grow and finally enjoying a house to live in.

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