The building process

BeHome Mallorca will take care of all the processes and keep you up to date with all developments, so you can sit down, relax and enjoy planning and dreaming.

How to bui a house on your own in Majorca

Informative meetings

Tell us about your dreams, needs and constraints and let us help you to draw up a plan. We can give you a guided tour of the region and provide you with in-depth information, so you can be inspired, balance out benefits and caveats and redefine your vision if needed.

This is the moment to take all your requirements into consideration, even if some small changes need to be effected along the way.


Site selection


If you don’t own already a building lot, we will help you to find one that suits your requirements and advise you on the benefits and challenges of each site. Only when you are completely satisfied, will we move to the next step.

Registry and Zoning Research

In order to avoid future problems, we will acquire the available documentation at the Land Registry and municipal offices to verify the feasibility of your project, so we can prevent future surprises and ensure you that the buying process runs smoothly.

Buying the land

Once we are sure there are no hidden problems, we will support you through the whole buying process, from applying for a tax number to opening a Spanish bank account or paying the necessary taxes.


Concept phase

Conceptual design

We will discuss your project and review your budget to create the conceptual plans. At this stage we can provide you with a construction estimate, a timeline and ensure that the design will meet local requirements.

Architectural design

After gathering the topographical data, one of our team will work on your conceptual layout and present you with as many architectural plans as needed until you are completely satisfied.

Building permit

Our experts will register the technical plans and surveys at the municipal offices in order for them to be approved. Once obtained, we can start!



Now it’s time for us to build your dream home. It requires some patience but you can rest reassured that we will keep you informed through regular reports, photos and emails.

Get ready to decorate your home. We can suggest materials and appliances, so you can decide on every aspect of your house. And if you wish, we can also help you with furnishing, garden equipment and the like.


Final procedures

Final permits

We are almost done. We will submit the final applications to the local authorities for the occupancy licence and keep you informed. It takes some time but in the meantime, there are still things to do.

Gas, water, electricity and local taxes

We will take care of registering utilities such as electricity, water, telephone or Internet. We can also provide you with insurance quotations or a cleaning and maintenance service, so your home is ready to receive you with open arms.


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