The international school in the southeast of Mallorca

The International School in the southeast of Mallorca

The revolution of the southeast of Mallorca! A long time we have been waiting for this – finally there is a new International School in the southeast of Mallorca.

Oh, it is Monday again! A new week and again we have to drive our kids every day back and forth to the school in Palma. How many times we had been late or forgotten the sports dress? Not to mention the cost for fuel. This now has come to an end because now there is a new private international school in the southeast of the island.

Where is the school?

No more long journeys because the school is situated in Manacor, and that on the property of Rafa Nadal’s sport Centre. This new private American International School of Mallorca (AISM) will be operating according to the Common Core Standards of the American Educational system to prepare girls and boys between 12 and 18 years for university. Classes will be held in English by experienced native teachers. Of course, Spanish classes and lessons about the Spanish culture are also included. The school can hold up to 150 pupils.


What’s on the curriculum?

The curriculum of the school adheres to the educational principles and performance standards of the American Educational system.

The AISM is an authorized international school in Spain certified by the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Ministry of Education and is in the process of acquiring accreditation with an accreditation organization recognized by the United States Department of Education.


Positive sign

This is also very positive news for us and all international residents – and those who wish to become residents – in the southeast of Majorca, whose offspring up to now had to commute to the other side of the island; so as of now we and our children can start planning new leisure activities and spend more time together.

And if your kids like to play tennis, next to the school you find the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre.


Application & Info:

The AISM is already open for enrolments for 2016/2017. More Info here.




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