Santanyi, the market, the festivals and the coves

What to do in Santanyi

Santanyi is the southernmost municipality in Mallorca, 50 km from the capital Palma. It has a population of 14,500 spread over 12 areas and includes the southernmost point on the island, Cap de Ses Salines.

The economy is based on tourism, fishing and agriculture. There is also the Santanyi stone which is used for private and public buildings. You find this stone in Palma Cathedral, the Bellver Castle and the Royal Palace in Perpignan.

The Natural Parc of Mondrago is certainly worth a visit. The park covers a large area, used over the centuries for cattle and arable farming. There are lots of dry stone walls, stone shelters and the remnants of old techniques like waterwheels, canals, and water tanks.


The Santanyi street market

The Street market opens every Wednesday and Saturday morning, in the main square (Plaza Mayor), and nearby streets. When the Plaza Mayor is being used for festivals, the market is moved to Plaza Ramon Llul.  It’s probably the most visited street market on the island. It began with fruit and vegetable vendors and it now has more than 150 stalls, selling regional food and wine, clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils and craftwork.

Market of Santanyi


Festivals in Santanyi

The International music festival of Santanyi  takes place every year between May and September. This is an excellent chance to see and listen to well-known musicians from all over the world.

The Saint Antoni festival is celebrated on the 17th January, when animals are blessed. Likewise the Saint Jaume is on the 25th July celebrates the beginning of the construction of the church.


Coves near Santanyi

Cala Santanyi, is the main cove , which is 6 km from town and is easily reached by car and has a parking area. From the town Samarador cove is 9 km away, Cala D’or 13km, Calal Esmerald 15km and Caló des Pous 12km.


More info and the location of the coves in Santanyi can be found here 


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