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Girls just want to have fun! SALE ! REBAJAS ! SALE! Shopping in Palma de Mallorca. 

For us girls this is an easy thing. Feeling fresh and in good spirits in the morning we meet with our girls for breakfast. Then drifting through the city … on Friday, 1st of July the SALE has started. Bargain hunters will get their fill as the SALE, or Rebajas in Spanish, is now in full swing. Until the end of august you can “shop till you drop!”.

As we are wandering through the city of Palma we get inspired and try on everything that we like; surely out there a bargain is waiting for us – a chic designer piece or exactly the jumpsuit we have been looking for.

After the first 2 hours we drop into a chair – pretty exhausted – having a light lunch and enjoying a glass of champagne or a cappuccino at the Cappuccino Borne planning what to do next an comparing and analyzing our acquisitions; what to wear and combine with what and – most important – to which occasion.


And now ready for the next round – its shoes!.Where do we find all those nice shops?

The chic boutiques and the brand suppliers are situated in and around the Avenida Jaime III and Paseo Borne. Also, it is worth taking a side trip to the El Corte Ingles as well as in the surrounding streets and alleyways there are a lot of nice boutiques, from Mango to Zara, and all kinds of shops with typical Majorcan products, for example products made of olive wood or ceramics.

For the necessary breaks in between there are a lot of very nice Tapas Bars around the Plaza Rei Joan Charles I with delicious food.

Around the Plaza Mayor there are countless shop shops with special offers among other, specialized stores, galleries and all sorts of shops.


So what to do after shopping?

The latest trend is called “Tardeo” – relating to tarde, which means afternoon, in this case going out for dancing in the afternoon. Normally the people in Spain go for dinner around 21:30 at night, afterwards for a drink and only then – in the middle of the night – to the clubs and stay until the early morning.

This new trend suits quite those who do not want to spend all Sunday sleeping but share the day with their families and friends since everybody is in bed around midnight.The venue starts at the market in Santa Catalina in Palma where people meet. From there they go to the bars or the clubs @kaelum.klub or Déjà Vú.


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