What to do in Porto Colom: food and markets

What to do in Porto Colom: food and markets

Events in Porto Colom for food lovers

The local street market in Porto Colom takes place every Tuesday and Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00. It is located on Marina Street (Carrer Marina). It’s basically a fruit and vegetable market, but you can also find clothes, shoes, plants and flowers. The next closest street market to Porto Colom is in Felanitx, which opens every Sunday morning. This one is bigger and also sells a wider range of food.

Porto Colom for seafood lovers

If you are a seafood lover, you can’t miss theFira Gastronomica D’es Pop, the Gastronomic Octopus Fair, which takes place in Porto Colom every June. During three days, restaurants and bars cook different delicacies with octopus. You can find different styles as well as prices. Around the fair there is also live music, street theatre and other attractions.

If are also a wine lover, you can consider visiting one of the vineyards in the area: Pla and Levant regions have lovely wines, and the vineyards are open to the public for tasting sessions.

What to eat in Porto Colom

The Porto Colom specialities are all Fish and Sea Food, like black rice cuttlefish with aioli, Paella, Monkfish stew, Fish Soup, Monkfish with onion, Cod with sautéed mushrooms, Turbot with mousseline sauce.

What to do in Porto Colom: food and markets

Apart from seafood, you can’t miss the two specialities of the island, Sobrassada and Ensaimada.

Sobrassada” is made with pork together with paprika, salt and pepper. It’s all well mixed then packed and cured for at least one month. It’s usually eaten with bread and can be also used in cooking. You can have a look for recipes and more information about this here.

Ensaimada” is the most important sweet on the island. It’s a pastry with a spiral shape and ideal for breakfast. It’s made with flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, milk and butter. The original one is plain and others are filled with different types of cream. The origins date back as far as 909 and are said to be from the Arabs since the spiral shape is reminiscent of the North African arab turban. Find more info about it here.



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